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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Colmán Boy Latin Dove
Columbanus Boy Latin Dove
Conan Boy Gaelic Little wolf hound
Conant Boy Gaelic Little wolf hound
Conchan Boy Gaelic Uncertain, perha...
Constance Girl Latin Steadfast
Constancia Girl Latin Steadfast
Constancy Girl N/A N/A
Constans Boy Latin Steadfast
Constant Boy Latin Steadfast
Constanta Girl Latin Steadfast
Constantia Girl Latin Steadfast
Constantijn Boy Latin Steadfast
Constantin Boy Latin Steadfast
Constantina Girl Latin Steadfast
Constantine Boy Latin Steadfast
Constantinus Boy Latin Steadfast
Constanza Girl Latin Steadfast
Corban Boy Gaelic A steep hill
Coriander Both Phoenician Coriander
Corianton Boy English N/A
Coriantumr Boy English N/A
Corinthian Boy Latin Of Corinth
Coriolanus Boy Latin From Corioli
Corriana Girl Latin Horn; horned
Corriane Girl Latin Horn; horned
Corrianna Girl Latin Horn; horned
Corrigan Boy Gaelic Spear, pointed o...
Cortlan Girl Dutch Short land
Cortland Boy Dutch Short land