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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Chandrabhan Boy Sanskrit Lustrous as the ...
Chandrak Boy Sanskrit Lunar shining
Chandraka Boy Sanskrit Lunar shining
Chandrakant Boy Sanskrit Beloved of the m...
Chandrakanta Girl Sanskrit Beloved of the m...
Chandramohan Boy Sanskrit Attractive as th...
Chandran Boy Indian The moon; shining
Chandranath Boy Sanskrit King of the moon
Chandrani Girl Sanskrit Consort of the m...
Chandraprak... Boy Sanskrit Moonlight
Chandraraj Boy Sanskrit King of the moon
Chandrasekh... Boy Sanskrit Moon-crested
Chandresh Boy Indian Ruler of the moon
Chandrila Boy Sanskrit A name of Lord S...
Chandrima Girl Sanskrit Light of the moon
Chaneeka Girl American E... N/A
Chaneka Girl American E... N/A
Chanel Both French Channel, pipe
Chanelle Girl French Channel, pipe
Chaney Boy French Lives near an oa...
Chang Both Chinese Smooth, unimpede...
Chania Girl Hebrew Encampment
Chanicka Girl American E... N/A
Chaniel Boy Hebrew Graciousness of ...
Chanika Girl American E... N/A
Chanina Girl Hebrew Gracious
Chanit Girl Hebrew Weapon
Chanita Girl Hebrew Weapon, spear
Chaniya Girl Swahili Wealthy
Channa Boy Sanskrit Renowned