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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Anees Boy Arabic Friendly
Aneesa Girl Greek Chaste
Aneira Girl Welsh Snow
Aneirin Boy Welsh N/A
Anekelea Boy Greek Man
Anela Both Hawaiian Angel
Anelia Girl Literary N/A
Anelie Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Aneliya Girl Literary N/A
Anemone Girl Greek Wind
Anesha Girl Greek Chaste; pure
Anesia Girl Greek Chaste; pure
Anessa Girl Greek Chaste
Anessia Girl Greek Chaste; pure
Aneta Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Aneurin Boy Welsh N/A
Anfisa Girl Greek Flower
Anga Both Swahili Sky; weather
Angada Boy Sanskrit With beautiful l...
Angalia Both Swahili Watch, look at
Angana Girl Sanskrit Fire; hot; destr...
Angavu Girl Swahili Bright, shining
Angaza Both Swahili Look at; illumin...
Ange Boy Latin Messenger
Angel Both Greek Messenger
Angela Girl Greek Messenger
Angelberto Boy Spanish N/A
Angele Girl Greek Messenger
Angelena Girl Greek Messenger
Angelene Girl Greek Messenger