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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Hohots tama... Boy Native Ame... Chief of grizzly...
Hoshama Boy Hebrew Heard of God, wh...
Hulama Both Hawaiian Rising light
Iamar Girl Arabic Moon
Ifama Girl African Everything is al...
Ingamar Boy Norse N/A
Iorama Boy Hebrew God is exalted
Iotama Boy Hebrew God is perfect
Isamar Girl Spanish Perhaps an elisi...
Jamaal Boy Arabic Handsome
Jamaar Boy American E... N/A
Jamad Boy American E... N/A
Jamadagni Boy Sanskrit Consumes fire
Jamahl Boy Arabic Handsome
Jamail Boy Arabic Charming
Jamal Boy Arabic Handsome; grace
Jamal-ud-Din Boy Arabic Grace of Islam
Jamalat Girl Arabic Good looks
Jamali Boy Arabic Holy beauty
Jamar Boy English Uncertain, perha...
Jamara Girl American E... N/A
JaMarcus Boy Latin From the god Mars
Jamari Boy American E... N/A
Jamarion Boy American E... N/A
Jamash Boy American E... N/A
Jamashea Girl American E... N/A
Jamashia Girl American E... N/A
Ka'iimamao Both Hawaiian The far distant ...
Kakama Girl Maori Nimble, quick
Kalama Both Hawaiian The torch, the l...