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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Amanya Both Hebrew Faith in God; ar...
Amar Boy Arabic Making a home
Amara Both Greek Unfading; eternal
Amarachi Girl African God's grace
Amaradhipa Boy Sanskrit Lord of the gods
Amaraja Boy Sanskrit Of eternal exist...
Amaranta Girl Greek Unfading
Amarante Girl Greek Unfading
Amaranth Both Greek Immortal; unfading
Amarantha Girl Greek Unfading
Amaranthe Girl Greek Unfading
Amarantos Boy Greek Unfading
Amaraprabhu Boy Sanskrit Lord of the immo...
Amararaja Boy Sanskrit King of the gods
Amararatna Boy Sanskrit Jewel of the god...
Amarasarit Girl Sanskrit Eternal stream
Amaravati Girl Sanskrit Abode of the ete...
Amardeep Boy Punjabi Everlasting ligh...
Amare Boy African Handsome; good l...
Amaresa Boy Sanskrit King of the gods
Amari Both American E... N/A
Amaria Boy Hebrew God has said
Amariah Boy Hebrew God has said
Amarilla Girl Greek Sparkling
Amarion Boy Arabic Populous; flouri...
Amaris Girl Hebrew God has said
Amaro Boy Native Ame... Strong
Amaron Boy English N/A
Amarya Boy Hebrew God has said
Amarylla Girl Greek Sparkling