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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Tamaka Girl Japanese Jewel scent
Tamaki Girl Japanese Ring
Tamako Girl Japanese Precious child
Tamala Girl American E... N/A
Tamanna Girl Indian Longing for; des...
Tamar Girl Hebrew Palm tree; upright
Tamara Girl Hebrew Palm tree
Tamarah Girl Hebrew Palm tree
Tamarius Boy American E... N/A
Tamás Boy Aramaic Twin
Tamasa Girl Sanskrit Dark
Tamasha Girl Swahili Joyous occasion
Tamasi Girl Sanskrit Night
Tamasin Girl Aramaic Twin
Tamasvini Girl Sanskrit Night
Tamatha Girl American E... N/A
Tamati Boy Pacific Is... Twin
Tamayo Girl Japanese Jewel generation
Te Aomarama Boy Pacific Is... Sky father
Udgama Boy Sanskrit Rising star
Upama Girl Sanskrit Resembling
Upamanyu Boy Sanskrit Striving for int...
Usama Boy Arabic Feline predator
Uttama Both Sanskrit Excellent
Vama Both Sanskrit Beautiful
Vamadeva Boy Sanskrit Beautiful God
Vamana Both Sanskrit Short
Vanamala Girl Sanskrit Garland of fores...
Vanamali Boy Sanskrit Wearing the Vana...
Vasuttama Boy Sanskrit Best out of the ...