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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Rhamadhani Boy African Born during the ...
Rhamantus Girl Welsh Romantic
Ruchama Girl Hebrew Beloved; one who...
Ruhamah Girl Hebrew Beloved; one who...
Saaman Girl Central As... Jasmine
Salama Girl Swahili Peace
Salaman Boy Hebrew Peace
Sama Boy Sanskrit The same
Samaara Girl Hebrew Regard; guardian
Samal Boy Aramaic Sign, symbol
Saman Boy Arabic Well-known
Samant Boy Sanskrit Universal; whole
Samantha Girl Aramaic Listener
Samar Girl Arabic The darkness of ...
Samara Girl Hebrew Regard; guardian
Samarasa Girl Sanskrit Having equal bliss
Samata Girl Sanskrit Sameness; equani...
Samyama Boy Sanskrit Perfect restrain...
Sarvamata Girl Sanskrit The Mother of all
Sarvamayi Girl Sanskrit Consisting in al...
Satyabhama Girl Sanskrit Beaming with truth
Shama Boy Hebrew To hear; over th...
Shamar Boy Sanskrit N/A
Shridaman Boy Sanskrit Beautiful garland
Shyama Both Sanskrit The dark
Siamak Boy Afghan Blackhaired man
Sitabhirama Boy Sanskrit Sita's delight
Sudama Boy Sanskrit He who gives gre...
Sudaman Boy Sanskrit Bountiful
Tama Both Japanese Jewel