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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Rama Both Sanskrit Pleasing; rejoic...
Ramaa Girl Sanskrit Rejoicing
Ramacandra Boy Sanskrit Rama the excelle...
Ramachandra Boy Sanskrit Rama of the moon
Ramadasa Boy Sanskrit Servant of Lord ...
Ramadeva Boy Sanskrit Divine Rama
Ramah Girl Hebrew Lofty
Ramakant Boy Sanskrit Beloved of Rama
Ramakanta Boy Sanskrit Beloved of Rama
Ramakrishna Boy Sanskrit Pleasing Krishna
Ramakrisna Boy Sanskrit Pleasing Krishna
Ramamohana Boy Sanskrit Attracting Rama
Ramamurti Boy Sanskrit Sign of Rama
Ramana Both Sanskrit Lovable; charming
Ramanan Boy Sanskrit Delighting
Ramananda Boy Sanskrit Delight of Rama
Ramandeep Boy Punjabi Infused in the l...
Ramani Girl Sanskrit Delighting; joyful
Ramanik Boy Sanskrit Lovable; charming
Ramanika Both Sanskrit Lovable; charming
Ramanuja Boy Sanskrit Rama's brother
Ramaprakasa Boy Sanskrit Glory of Rama
Ramaprasada Boy Sanskrit Blessing of Rama
Ramashraya Boy Sanskrit Shelter of Rama
Ramasvarupa Boy Sanskrit Avatar of Rama
Ramatulai Girl African N/A
Ramavatara Boy Sanskrit Incarnation of R...
Ramazan Boy Turkish Ramadan
Ratnamala Girl Sanskrit Chain with gems
Resaman Girl Sanskrit Silk