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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Mama Girl African Saturday born
Mamata Girl Sanskrit Mother's love
Manirama Boy Sanskrit Ornamented with ...
Manorama Girl Sanskrit Pleasing to the ...
Marama Both Maori Moon; light
Mariama Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Mashama Boy African You are surprised
Miriama Girl Maori Uncertain, maybe...
Naama Girl Hebrew Pleasant
Naamah Girl Hebrew Pleasant
Naamahah Girl Hebrew Pleasant
Naaman Boy Hebrew Pleasant
Naamana Girl Hebrew Pleasant
Namasya Both Sanskrit Worthy of saluta...
Nechama Girl Hebrew Console, comfort
Nirmama Boy Sanskrit Without mineness
Nishkama Boy Sanskrit Desireless
Obama Boy Swahili Uncertain, perha...
Osama Boy Arabic Feline predator
Paradhaman Boy Sanskrit Supreme adobe
Parama Both Sanskrit Supreme; highest
Paraman Boy Sanskrit Supreme; highest
Paramatman Boy Sanskrit The supreme Self
Paramatmika Girl Sanskrit She whose nature...
Parashurama Boy Sanskrit Rama with an ax
Parasurama Boy Sanskrit Rama of the axe
Pramada Both Sanskrit Joy, pleasure
Purushottama Boy Sanskrit Highest of beings
Qamar Girl Arabic Moon
Raamah Boy Hebrew Thunder