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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Paramesh Boy Sanskrit Supreme Lord
Paramesha Boy Sanskrit Supreme Lord
Parameshthin Boy Sanskrit Established by t...
Parameshwar Boy Sanskrit Supreme Lord
Parameshwara Boy Sanskrit Supreme Lord
Parameshwari Girl Sanskrit Supreme sovereig...
Rameez Boy Arabic Learned; dignified
Rameses Boy Ancient Eg... Son of Ra
Ramesh Boy Sanskrit Lord of Lakshmi
Ramesha Boy Sanskrit The Lord of Rama
Rameshwar Boy Sanskrit Lord Rama
Salame Girl Hebrew Well-being; peace
Sameah Girl Arabic Elevated status;...
Samee Girl Arabic Elevated status;...
Sameea Girl Arabic Elevated status;...
Sameeha Girl Arabic Generous, tolerant
Sameer Boy Arabic Pleasant companion
Samer Boy Arabic Pleasant companian
Shameem Girl Afghan Breeze
Tameca Girl American E... N/A
Tamecia Girl American E... N/A
Tamecka Girl American E... N/A
Tameeka Girl American E... N/A
Tameka Girl American E... N/A
Tamela Girl American E... N/A
Tamera Girl Hebrew Palm tree
Tamesha Girl American E... N/A
Tsubame Girl Japanese Swallow
Tzameret Girl Hebrew Tree top
Williamette Girl Germanic Will, desire and...