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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
James Boy Hebrew Supplanter
Jamesen Boy Hebrew Supplanter
Jamesetta Girl Hebrew Supplanter
Jamesette Girl Hebrew Supplanter
Jamesina Girl Hebrew Supplanter
Jameson Boy Hebrew Supplanter
Janamejaya Boy Sanskrit Triumphant from ...
Jeramey Boy Hebrew God will raise u...
Kamea Girl Hawaiian Sweet darling
Kameko Girl Japanese Tortoise child
Kameli Girl Hawaiian Bee; honeybee
Kamenosuke Boy Japanese Turtle's helper
Kameron Boy Gaelic Crooked nose
Kamesha Boy Sanskrit Lord of desire
Kameshi Girl Sanskrit Sovereign Goddes...
Kameyo Girl Japanese Tortoise generat...
Kaname Boy Japanese Vital point
Kramer Boy German Shopkeeper
Kwame Boy African Saturday born
Lamees Girl Arabic Soft to the touch
Mame Girl Greek Pearl
Mamello Boy African Patience
Meliame Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Mohamed Boy Arabic Praised one; pra...
Nameer Boy Arabic Wholesome
Nameera Girl Arabic Wholesome; good ...
Nonyameko Girl African Patience
Pamela Girl Literary N/A
Pamelia Girl English N/A
Pamella Girl English N/A