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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Mlengalenga Boy African Paradise
Myrtale Girl Finnish Myrtle
Naledi Girl African Star
Natalee Girl Latin (Christ's) birth...
Ndale Boy African Cheat
Neale Boy Gaelic N/A
Nitalekshana Boy Sanskrit One who has an e...
Nowfaleena Girl Indian Black rose
Omphale Girl Greek Navel
Opale Girl Sanskrit Jewel, gem
Oralee Girl Hebrew My light
Palemón Boy Spanish N/A
Paralee Girl American E... N/A
Pascale Girl Latin Relating to Easter
Pasquale Boy Latin Relating to Easter
Pierre-Alex... Boy Greek Stone and protec...
Raleigh Boy English Red wood; red cl...
Rosaleen Girl Germanic Weak, tender or ...
Saleem Boy Arabic Secure
Saleema Girl Arabic Secure
Saleh Boy Arabic Pious; straight
Saleha Girl Arabic Pious; straight
Salehe Boy African Excellent
Salem Boy Arabic Secure, peace
Salena Girl Greek Moon
Sealey Boy English Happy; fortunate
Shalene Girl American E... N/A
Shalev Boy Hebrew Quiet, peaceful,...
Sumalee Girl Thai Flower
Talalelei Both Pacific Is... The good news