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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Kaleolani Both Hawaiian Spiritual saying
Kalepa Boy Hebrew Dog; Heart
Kalev Boy Hebrew Dog; Heart
Kaley Both Gaelic Descendant of Ca...
Kamalei Both Hawaiian Beloved child
Kapalekanaka Boy Hawaiian Defender of mank...
Khaled Boy Arabic Eternal
Khaleda Girl Arabic Eternal
Khaleq Boy Arabic Creator
Kristalee Girl American E... N/A
Lale Girl Persian Tulip
Madalena Girl Hebrew From Magdala
Maddalena Girl Hebrew From Magdala
Magdalen Girl Hebrew Of Magdala
Magdalena Girl Hebrew Of Magdala
Magdalene Girl Hebrew Of Magdala
Malea Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Maleah Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Maleec Boy Arabic King; owner
Maleeha Girl Arabic Charming, pretty
Maleek Boy Arabic King; owner
Maleia Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Malek Boy Arabic King; owner
Malen Girl Mapudungun Maiden
Malena Girl Hebrew Of Magdala
Manawale'a Girl Hawaiian A generous heart...
Masaleh Boy Arabic One who mediates
Mealea Girl Cambodian Flower garland
Michales Boy Hebrew Who is like God?
Mlengalenga Boy African Paradise