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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Anakale Boy Greek Man
Annaleese Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Annibale Boy Phoenician The grace of the...
Asale Girl African Talk
Azalea Girl Greek Dry
Azalee Girl African Singer; she who ...
Bale Boy Frisian Bold
Balendin Boy Latin Healthy, strong
Balendra Boy Sanskrit Child Indra
Balendu Boy Sanskrit Ascenting moon
Balesa Boy Sanskrit Master of an army
Balesh Boy Sanskrit Master of an army
Betzalel Boy Hebrew Shadow of God
Cale Boy Gaelic Uncertain, perha...
Caleb Boy Hebrew Dog; Heart
Caledfryn Boy Welsh Hard hill
Caledonia Girl Latin N/A
Caleigh Girl Gaelic Descendant of Ca...
Calenda Girl American E... N/A
Calendula Girl Latin First day of the...
Cataleen Girl Gaelic Pure
Catalena Girl Greek Pure
Cataleya Girl English N/A
Chalese Girl Hebrew A Biblical place...
Coale Boy Gaelic Co-pledge; co-ho...
Coralee Girl Greek Maiden
Coralene Girl English Coral; deep pink
Dale Both English Dweller in the v...
Daleel Boy Arabic One who guides
Dalek Boy Slovak To fight afar