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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Calanthe Girl Greek Beautiful flower
Calanthia Girl Greek Beautiful flower
Calathea Girl Latin Basket
Camala Girl Latin N/A
Cancala Boy Sanskrit Moves; wind; lover
Capala Both Sanskrit Swift; lightning
Chanchala Boy Sanskrit Moves; wind; lover
Chapala Both Sanskrit Swift; lightning
Dalajita Boy Sanskrit Conquering a group
Dalal Girl Arabic Womanliness; coq...
Dalapati Boy Sanskrit Group leader
Damala Girl Greek Young cow, calf
Dayala Boy Sanskrit Merciful
Dhavala Boy Sanskrit White, pure white
Dhavalachan... Boy Sanskrit White moon
Dindayala Boy Sanskrit Friendly to the ...
Dulala Boy Sanskrit Beloved youth
Ealasaid Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Falak Boy Indian Heaven; sky
Falan Boy Indian To be productive
Fiala Girl Czech Violet flower
Fionnaghuala Girl Gaelic Fair shoulder, w...
Fionnguala Girl Gaelic Fair shoulder, w...
Fionnuala Girl Gaelic Fair shoulder, w...
Gala Girl Russian Calm
Galaad Boy Literary N/A
Galadriel Girl Literary Maiden crowned b...
Galahad Boy Literary N/A
Galal Boy Arabic Belonging to roy...
Galan Boy Greek Calm