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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Talakaksi Girl Sanskrit With green eyes
Talaketu Boy Sanskrit Palm bannered
Talakhya Girl Sanskrit With the scent o...
Talal Boy Arabic Dew, fine rain
Talalelei Both Pacific Is... The good news
Talan Boy English A claw
Tamala Girl American E... N/A
Thalassa Girl Greek Ocean, sea
Tsalani Boy African Bye
Tzahala Girl Hebrew Joy
Tzalaf Boy Hebrew Caper shrub
Ujvala Girl Sanskrit Bright; clear
Ursala Girl Latin Little bear
Utpala Both Sanskrit Full of blossom
Valaka Boy Sanskrit Beam
Valaria Girl Latin To be healthy, s...
Valarie Girl Latin To be healthy, s...
Vanamala Girl Sanskrit Garland of fores...
Vasupala Boy Sanskrit King
Vatsala Both Sanskrit Affectionate; lo...
Venugopala Boy Sanskrit Flute player Gop...
Vimala Girl Sanskrit Stainless; pure
Virala Boy Sanskrit Rare; unusual
Visala Both Sanskrit Spacious
Vishala Girl Sanskrit Spacious
Vitthala Boy Sanskrit Ascetic
Yaala Girl Hebrew Antelope; gazelle
Yahala Girl Hebrew He will praise
Yamala Boy Sanskrit Twin
Yerushalayim Both Hebrew City of peace