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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Malaya Both Sanskrit Sandalwood trees
Malaysia Girl Sanskrit Sandalwood trees
Maluhialani Both Hawaiian Peaceful heaven
Manalani Girl Hawaiian Divine power
Mandala Boy African Spectacles
Mangala Both Sanskrit Auspicious
Manilala Boy Sanskrit Jewel of a son
Mekhala Girl Sanskrit Belt
Migdala Girl Hebrew Tower
Mikala Both Hebrew Who is like God?
Mikalah Girl Hebrew Who is like God?
Mohala Both Hawaiian Blossoming, bloo...
Mrinala Boy Sanskrit Root of the lotus
Nala Both Sanskrit Stem, hollow reed
Nalah Both Sanskrit Stem, hollow reed
Nalani Girl Hawaiian The heavens
Nanala Girl Hawaiian Sunflower
Neala Girl Gaelic N/A
Nihopalaoa Boy Hawaiian Ivory tooth; wha...
Nilagala Boy Sanskrit Blue-throated; b...
Niralamba Boy Sanskrit Without support;...
Nirargala Both Sanskrit Unimpeded
Nirmala Girl Sanskrit Immaculate
Nishchala Girl Sanskrit Unwavering; unsh...
Nishkalanka Boy Sanskrit Without stain; f...
Nitalaksha Boy Sanskrit One who has an e...
Nomalanga Girl African Cheerful
Nuala Girl Gaelic Fair shoulder, w...
Okalani Girl Hawaiian From heaven
Olugbala Boy African From the people