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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Madanagopala Boy Sanskrit Handsome cowherd
Madanapala Boy Sanskrit King of love
Madhubala Girl Sanskrit Sweet maiden
Magdala Girl Aramaic Tower
Mahabala Boy Sanskrit Of great strengt...
Mahala Girl Native Ame... Form of the name...
Mahershalal... Boy Hebrew He speeds to plu...
Mahipala Boy Sanskrit The earth-protec...
Makala Both Hawaiian To loosen; to se...
Makhvala Girl Central As... Blackberry
Mala Girl Sanskrit Garland of flowe...
Malaak Girl Arabic King; owner
Malach Boy Hebrew Messenger, angel...
Malachai Boy Hebrew My messenger
Malachi Boy Hebrew My messenger
Malachiasz Boy Hebrew My messenger
Malachy Boy Hebrew My messenger
Malaika Girl Arabic Angel
Malak Girl Arabic Angel
Malakai Boy Hebrew My messenger
Malakhi Boy Hebrew My messenger
Malaki Boy Hebrew My messenger
Malalani Girl Hawaiian Heavenly garden
Malamhìn Girl N/A N/A
Malana Both Hawaiian Buoyant, light; ...
Malaquías Boy Hebrew My messenger
Malasri Girl Sanskrit Wonderful garland
Malati Girl Sanskrit Jasmine
Malava Boy Sanskrit Keeper of horses
Malawa Boy African Flourishing