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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Morgain Girl Welsh Sea-born
Morgaine Girl Welsh Sea-born
Narain Boy Sanskrit Son of man (lit....
Owain Boy Gaelic Born from the ye...
Rain Both English Rain
Raina Girl Latin Queen
Rainbow Both English Rainbow
Raine Girl French Queen
Rainer Boy Germanic Wise army
Rainger Boy English Gamekeeper
Rainier Boy Germanic Wise army
Rainy Girl English Rainy, full of r...
Rhain Boy Welsh Lance, spear
Rhiain Girl Welsh Maiden
Romain Boy Latin Roman
Romaine Girl Latin Roman
Shaina Girl Yiddish Beautiful
Sharmain Girl Latin N/A
Sharmaine Girl Latin N/A
Silvain Boy Latin Of the forest
Stephaine Girl Greek Crown
Swain Boy Norse Boy, lad
Sylvain Boy Latin Of the forest
Sylvaine Girl Latin Of the forest
Taina Girl Latin N/A
Taine Boy Pacific Is... Man; god of the ...
Tiphaine Girl Greek Manifestation of...
Toussaint Boy French All the saints
Trainor Boy Gaelic Champion or stro...
Tremain Boy Cornish Rock settlement