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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Gaines Boy English Ingenuity, trick...
Gainor Boy N/A Strength
Gauvain Boy Welsh White hawk of ba...
Gawain Boy Welsh White hawk of ba...
Gawaine Boy Welsh White hawk of ba...
Geraint Boy Welsh Old
Germain Boy Latin Brother
Germaine Both Latin Brother
Ghislain Boy Germanic Vow; hostage
Ghislaine Girl Germanic Vow; hostage
Glain Girl Welsh Jewel
Grainger Boy English Farm bailif
Gráinne Girl Gaelic Goddess of grain
Hain Boy English Hawthorn tree
Haines Boy English Hawthorn tree
Hosain Boy Arabic Good looking
Husain Boy Arabic The good looking
Hussain Boy Arabic Good looking
Iain Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Igraine Girl English N/A
Iraina Girl Russian Peace
Jaina Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Jaineba Girl African N/A
Jainendra Boy Sanskrit Lord of the Jainas
Jermain Boy Latin Brother
Jermaine Boy Latin Brother
Jervain Boy American E... N/A
Jervaine Boy American E... N/A
Jillaine Girl Latin Down-bearded youth
Jolain Girl American E... N/A