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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Bain Boy Gaelic White, fair
Baina Girl African Glittering
Bainbridge Boy English Bridge over the ...
Baine Boy Gaelic White, fair
Baines Boy English Bones
Blain Boy Gaelic Yellow
Blaine Boy Gaelic Yellow
Bréanainn Boy Gaelic Prince
Cain Both Hebrew A spear
Caine Boy English Reed, cane; tall...
Cainwen Girl Welsh Blessed and beau...
Captain Boy English A captain
Chaonaine Girl African It has seen me
Charmain Girl Latin N/A
Charmaine Girl Latin N/A
Cliamain Boy Latin Merciful, mild, ...
Dain Boy Latvian Song
Daina Girl Latvian Song
Dwain Boy Gaelic Dark, black
Dwaine Boy Gaelic Dark, black
Efrain Boy Hebrew Fruitful
Elain Girl Welsh Fawn
Elaina Girl Greek Torch; bright li...
Elaine Girl Greek Torch; bright li...
Etain Girl Gaelic N/A
Eurgain Both Welsh Gold and beautiful
Faina Girl Greek Crown
Fainche Girl N/A A boil-crow
Fearganainm Boy Gaelic Unnamed man
Gaincarlo Boy German Free man