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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
'Ainakea Both Hawaiian White land
Adelaine Girl German Noble one
Ain Girl Arabic Beloved
Aina Girl Catalan Catalan form of ...
Ainalani Both Hawaiian Heavenly land; a...
Ainanani Both Hawaiian Beautiful land
Aindrea Boy Greek Man, warrior
Aindréas Boy Greek Man, warrior
Aindri Girl Sanskrit The powerful; be...
Aindrias Boy Greek Man, warrior
Aindriú Boy Greek Man, warrior
Aine Both Gaelic Radiance
Aineias Boy Greek To praise
Ainesh Boy Sanskrit Sun's glory
Aingeal Girl Greek Messenger
Aingealag Girl Greek Messenger
Ainhoa Girl Basque N/A
Ainmire Boy Gaelic Great lord
Aino Girl Finnish The only one
Ainra Girl Swahili Eternal power
Ainslee Girl Gaelic Hermitage in or ...
Ainsley Both Gaelic Hermitage in or ...
Ainslie Both Gaelic Hermitage in or ...
Aintza Girl Basque Glory; glorious
Alain Boy Gaelic Rock
Alaina Girl Gaelic Rock
Alaine Girl Gaelic Rock
Antain Boy Latin N/A
Antaine Boy Latin N/A
Antwain Boy Latin N/A