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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aigeus Boy Greek Protection; shield
Aignéis Girl Greek Chaste
Aodhaigh Boy Gaelic Fire
Cearnaigh Boy Gaelic Victorious
Craig Boy Gaelic Cliff; rock
Eanraig Boy Germanic Home ruler
Faiga Girl Yiddish Bird
Faige Girl Yiddish Bird
Faigel Girl Yiddish Bird
Gaige Boy English Measurer
Jaigata Boy Sanskrit Triumphing
Jaigopala Boy Sanskrit The triumphant G...
Kraig Boy Gaelic Cliff; rock
Laighean Boy Gaelic Spear, javelin
Pádraig Boy Latin Patrician
Paige Both English Page
Saige Girl English Aromatic herb; w...
Taiga Boy Japanese Big and gracious