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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Adorjan Boy Latin From Hadria
Adorna Girl English To adorn
Adovm Boy Hebrew Man; earth
Adowa Girl African Born on Tuesday
Agathadorus Boy Greek Good
Amador Boy Latin One who loves
Amadore Boy Latin One who loves
Amadour Boy Latin One who loves
Bado Both Swahili Not ready, not yet
Belladonna Girl Italian Beautiful woman
Cadoc Boy Welsh Battle
Cadog Boy Welsh Battle
Caradoc Boy Welsh Beloved; amiable
Caradog Boy Welsh Beloved; amiable
Celadonia Girl Latin A swallow (bird)
Colorado Boy Spanish Colorful
Conrado Boy Germanic Experienced advi...
Cradog Boy Welsh Beloved; amiable
Hadon Boy German Heathen
Hembadoon Girl African Victorious one
Isador Boy Greek Gift of Isis
Isadora Girl Greek Gift of Isis
Isadore Boy Greek Exclusive gift
Isadoro Boy Greek Gift of Isis
Izador Boy Spanish Ability
Izadora Girl Greek Gift of Isis
Jadon Boy Hebrew He will judge; g...
Kadokechi Boy African Bitter soup
Ladonna Girl Italian Lady
Madoc Boy Welsh Good; generous