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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Cionnfhaola... Boy Gaelic Wolf head
Devadhipa Boy Sanskrit King of the gods
Dinadhisa Boy Sanskrit Sun
Donnchadh Boy N/A Brown combatant
Fadhila Girl Swahili Bountiful
Fadhili Both Swahili Aid, favour, com...
Fearadhach Boy Gaelic Manly
Flannchadh Boy Gaelic Red warrior
Gadadhara Boy Sanskrit Wielder of the m...
Gajadhar Boy Indian Elephant tamer
Ganadhara Boy Indian Leader
Gangadhara Boy Sanskrit Holding the Gang...
Gunadhya Boy Sanskrit Rich in virtues
Hadhi Girl Swahili Honor
Jadhava Boy Sanskrit Descendant of Jadu
Jaladhara Boy Sanskrit Ocean
Jaladhi Boy Sanskrit Crocodile
Jaladhipa Boy Sanskrit King of the waters
Kadhi Boy Sanskrit Ocean
Kaladhara Boy Sanskrit Bearer of the cr...
Kripadhara Girl Sanskrit Bearer of mercy
Madhav Boy Sanskrit Descendant of Ma...
Madhavadasa Boy Sanskrit Devoted to Krishna
Madhavi Girl Sanskrit Descendant of Ma...
Madhu Both Sanskrit Sweet; honey
Madhubala Girl Sanskrit Sweet maiden
Madhuja Both Sanskrit Made of honey
Madhuka Boy Sanskrit Coloured like ho...
Madhukant Boy Sanskrit With a sweet voice
Madhukantha Boy Sanskrit With a sweet voice