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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Caderyn Boy Welsh Battle ruler
Cadey Both American E... N/A
Cakradeva Boy Sanskrit King of the discus
Caradec Boy Welsh Beloved; amiable
Caradeg Boy Welsh Beloved; amiable
Chaderick Boy English N/A
Chakradev Boy Sanskrit King of the discus
Dharmadeva Boy Sanskrit God of justice
Fadell Boy Arabic Giving
Filadelfo Boy Greek Brotherly love
Folade Girl African Honor comes with...
Folasade Girl African Honor earns a cr...
Folashade Girl African Honored with a c...
Gadeah Girl Arabic Lovely
Graden Boy English Gray-haired; ple...
Hadeel Girl Arabic Cooing of pigeons
Haden Boy English Valley with hay
Hades Boy Greek N/A
Hadewig Girl Germanic Battle; female w...
Hadewijch Girl Germanic Battle; female w...
Haradeva Boy Sanskrit Rules over Shiva
Jade Both English Precious green s...
Jadean Girl English Precious green s...
Jaden Both American E... N/A
Jagadev Boy Indian King of the world
Janadeva Boy Sanskrit God of men
Kade Boy English Round, lumpy; ge...
Kadeem Boy Arabic One who serves
Kaden Boy English N/A
Kadence Girl English Rhythm