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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Marjanna Girl Latin Combination of M...
Marlaina Girl Hebrew Of Magdala
Marlana Girl Hebrew Of Magdala
Marlena Girl German Contraction of M...
Marna Girl Latin From the god Mar...
Marnina Girl Hebrew Rejoice
Marona Girl Hebrew A flock of sheep
Marthena Girl Latin From the god Mars
Martina Girl Latin From the god Mars
Martyna Girl Latin From the god Mars
Marvina Girl Welsh Uncertain, possi...
Maryanna Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Maryna Girl Hebrew Bitter
Mashawna Girl American E... N/A
Mashena Girl Hebrew Support; a place...
Masina Girl Pacific Is... Moon
Mastana Girl Afghan Carefree
Matana Girl Hebrew Gift
Matrona Girl Latin Lady
Matsyendran... Boy Sanskrit Rules the fish
Maynard Boy Germanic Mighty and brave
Mbwana Boy African Ruler
McKenna Both Gaelic Son of Cionaodh
Medina Girl Arabic Prophet's city
Meena Girl Sanskrit Fish; Pisces
Meghana Girl Sanskrit Thunder
Meghanada Boy Sanskrit Thunder
Meiriona Girl Welsh Dairyman
Meirona Girl Aramaic Sheep
Melaina Girl Greek Black