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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Lee Anna Girl English Lee + Anne
Leena Girl English From Helena or M...
Leiana Girl English Lee + Anne
Leinani Both Hawaiian Beautiful garland
Lena Girl Greek The bright one
Lenna Girl English Short for Helena...
Lennan Boy Gaelic Lover, concubine
Lennard Boy Germanic Strong as the lion
Lennart Boy Germanic Strong as the lion
Leona Girl Latin Lion
Leonani Girl Hawaiian Beautiful voice
Leonard Boy Germanic Strong as the lion
Leonarda Girl Germanic Strong as the lion
Leonardo Boy Germanic Strong as the lion
Leonina Girl Latin Lion
Leontina Girl Latin Lion
Levana Girl Hebrew Moon
Levina Girl Hebrew Heart
Levona Girl Hebrew Frankincense
Levonat Girl Hebrew Frankincense
Liana Girl Latin N/A
Lianna Girl Latin N/A
Libena Girl Slovak Love
Liliana Girl Latin Lilies
Lilianna Girl Latin Lilies
Lilliana Girl Latin Lilies
Lilyana Girl Latin Lilies
Lina Girl Arabic Delicate, compas...
Linnaea Girl Swedish Linnaea flower
Liridona Girl Albanian Longing for free...