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We could not find the name you were looking for, but we do have the following suggestions:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Krzystyna Girl Latin Follower of Christ
Kunal Boy Sanskrit Lotus
Kunala Boy Sanskrit Lotus
Kunani Girl Hawaiian Like a beauty
Kwabena Boy African Tuesday born
Kyona Girl Japanese Ravine and red a...
Kyouna Girl Japanese Ravine and Nara
Lachina Girl Gaelic Warrior from the...
Ladonna Girl Italian Lady
Lahahana Boy Hawaiian Heat of the sun;...
Lakshmana Boy Sanskrit Having (auspicio...
Lambana Boy Sanskrit He upon whom all...
Lana Girl Gaelic Rock
Lanakila Both Hawaiian Victory, triumph
Lanna Girl Gaelic Rock
Larina Girl Latin Laurel
Larrina Girl Latin Laurel
Latona Girl Latin Goddess
Latrina Girl American E... N/A
Laurena Girl Latin Laurel
Lauriana Girl Latin Laurel
Lavana Boy Sanskrit Beautiful; saline
Lavena Girl Latin Mother of the Ro...
Laverna Girl Latin N/A
Lavina Girl Latin Mother of the ro...
Lavona Girl American E... N/A
Leana Girl English Lee + Anne
Leanna Girl English Lee + Anne
Leannán Boy Gaelic Lover, concubine
Lebna Boy African Essence