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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Iukikina Girl Hawaiian Justice
Iuliana Girl Latin Down-bearded youth
Ivana Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Ivanna Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Ivona Girl French Yew
Ivonna Girl French Yew
Iwona Girl French Yew
Iyana Girl American E... N/A
Iyanna Girl American E... N/A
Jacobina Girl Hebrew Supplanter
Jacomina Girl Hebrew Supplanted; held...
Jagamohana Boy Sanskrit Attracts the world
Jagannath Boy Sanskrit Lord of the world
Jagna Girl Greek Chaste
Jagustyna Girl Latin Venerated
Jahina Girl Arabic Good pedigree
Jaikrishna Boy Sanskrit Triumph of Krishna
Jaina Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Jakobina Girl Hebrew Supplanted; held...
Jalena Girl Greek Wicker, reed, sh...
Jamesina Girl Hebrew Supplanter
Jamuna Girl Sanskrit Of Yama
Jana Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Janadeva Boy Sanskrit God of men
Janae Girl English N/A
Janak Boy Sanskrit Father; begetter
Janaka Boy Sanskrit Father; begetter
Janaki Girl Sanskrit Daughter of Janaka
Janakinatha Boy Sanskrit Ruler of Janaki
Janamejaya Boy Sanskrit Triumphant from ...