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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Inanna Girl N/A N/A
Inara Girl English N/A
Inas Girl Arabic Nice time
Inaya Girl Swahili Providence; guar...
Inayat Boy Arabic Favor
Inayat-ud-D... Boy Arabic Favor of Islam
Inayatullah Boy Arabic Favor of Allah
Incarnació Girl Spanish Incarnation
Incarnazión Girl Spanish Incarnation
Indiana Both English Land of Indians
Indrasena Girl Sanskrit Best warrior
Indubhusana Boy Sanskrit Having the moon ...
Inna Girl Greek Chaste
Ioana Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Ioanna Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Iolana Girl Greek Violet
Iona Both Norse Island
Iona'ala Both Hawaiian Fragrant name; e...
Iosefina Girl Pacific Is... Samoan feminine ...
Iozefina Girl Hebrew He will enlarge
Ipyana Boy African Grace
Iraina Girl Russian Peace
Irena Girl Greek Peace
Irina Girl Greek Peace
Iritana Girl English Prosperous in war
Irmina Girl Germanic Uncertain; perha...
Iryana Girl Persian Place for Raam a...
Isabelina Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Isana Boy Sanskrit Ruler
Ishana Boy Sanskrit Ruler