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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Georgina Girl Greek Earth worker
Gershona Girl Hebrew Foreigner; stran...
Ghanashyam Boy Sanskrit Dark as a cloud
Ghanasyama Boy Sanskrit Dark as a cloud
Giana Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Gianna Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Giddonah Boy English N/A
Gidgiddonah Boy English N/A
Gidona Girl Hebrew Hewer; mighty wa...
Gilana Girl Hebrew Joy
Gilanah Girl Hebrew Joy
Gilbertina Girl Germanic Bright oath
Giliana Girl Latin Down-bearded youth
Gilleonan Boy Gaelic St Adomnan's ser...
Gina Girl N/A N/A
Ginat Boy Hebrew Garden
Giovanna Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Giuliana Girl Latin Down-bearded youth
Giulianna Girl Latin Down-bearded youth
Giuseppina Girl Hebrew He will enlarge
Givona Girl Hebrew Hill
Glasnant Boy Welsh Blue stream
Glenna Girl Gaelic Valley in the mo...
Gnathon Boy Greek Jaws
Golana Girl Hebrew Refuge
Gona Girl Turkish Cheek
Gorakhanatha Boy Sanskrit Mastered his sen...
Gordona Girl English Large fort
Graciana Girl Spanish Grace
Grazyna Girl Lithuanian Beautiful