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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Adeena Girl Hebrew Slender
Adelena Girl German Noble one
Adelina Girl Germanic Noble kind; of t...
Adena Girl Hebrew Slender
Adesina Girl African She opens the way
Ádhamhnán Boy Hebrew Man; earth
Adhiguna Boy Sanskrit High virtue
Adiana Both American E... N/A
Adina Girl Hebrew Slender
Adinatha Boy Sanskrit The primordial m...
Adityananda... Boy Sanskrit Son of the sun
Adityavardh... Boy Sanskrit Increases glory;...
Adna Boy Hebrew Delight
Adnah Boy Hebrew Delight
Adnan Boy Arabic Settled; settler
Adnoartina Boy Pacific Is... N/A
Adolfina Girl English Noble wolf
Adonai Boy Hebrew Lord; my ruler
Adorna Girl English To adorn
Adreana Girl Latin From Hadria
Adriana Girl Latin From Hadria
Adrianna Girl Latin From Hadria
Adrienna Girl Latin From Hadria
Adrijana Girl Latin From Hadria
Adrina Girl Latin From Hadria
Aegina Girl Greek N/A
Aeliana Girl Latin N/A
Aerona Girl Welsh Battle ending
Afanas Boy Greek Immortal
Afanasi Boy Greek Immortal