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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Emerenciana Girl Latin Emerentius; wort...
Emiliana Girl Latin Rival; emulating
Emina Girl Latin Beloved
Emmalina Girl German All-containing; ...
Emuna Girl Hebrew Faithful
Emunah Girl Hebrew Faithful
Ena Girl Gaelic Kernel; nut
Enam Boy African A gift from god
Enat Girl Gaelic Little fire
Enav Both Hebrew Grape
Encarnaci Girl Spanish Incarnation
Encarnación Girl Spanish Incarnation
Epona Girl French Horse goddess
Erena Girl Greek Torch; bright li...
Erina Girl Gaelic From Ireland
Erna Girl Germanic Earnest, serious
Ernestina Girl Germanic Earnest, serious
Ernesztina Girl German Earnest, serious
Erskina Girl Gaelic High cleft
Erycina Girl Greek Queen of the hea...
Espiridiana Girl Spanish Basketmaker
Etana Both Hebrew Strong
Etanah Girl Hebrew Strong
Ethana Girl Hebrew Strong, firm, im...
Ethna Girl Gaelic Kernel; nut
Etna Girl Gaelic Kernel; nut
Etsiona Girl Hebrew Tree of Zion
Etzyona Girl Hebrew Tree of Zion
Euna Girl Latin One
Eunan Boy Hebrew Man; earth