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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Corinna Girl Greek Maiden
Corona Girl Latin Crown
Correena Girl Greek Maiden
Correna Girl Greek Maiden
Corriana Girl Latin Horn; horned
Corrianna Girl Latin Horn; horned
Corrina Girl Greek Maiden
Cortnay Both English From Courtenay; ...
Cosmina Girl Greek In solidarity wi...
Courtenay Both English From Courtenay; ...
Crina Girl Romanian Lily
Crispina Girl Latin Curly-headed
Cristina Girl Latin Follower of Christ
Crístíona Girl Latin Follower of Christ
Cynara Girl Greek Uncertain meaning
Cypriana Girl Greek Cypriot
Cyrena Girl Greek Sovereign queen
Daciana Girl Latin From Dacia
Dafina Girl Swahili High worth
Dafna Girl Greek Laurel
Dagna Girl Norse New day
Dahnay Both African Well
Daina Girl Latvian Song
Dalena Girl Slovak To fight afar
Damhnait Girl Gaelic Young deer
Damiana Girl Greek To tame
Dana Both Hebrew Arbiter
Danaë Girl Greek N/A
Danna Girl Hebrew Arbiter
Daphna Girl Greek Laurel