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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Abhinabhas Boy Sanskrit Famous
Abhinand Boy Sanskrit Celebrating
Abhinanda Girl Sanskrit Celebrating
Abhinandan Boy Sanskrit Celebrating
Abhinandana Boy Sanskrit Felicitous
Abhinatha Boy Sanskrit Lord of desires
Abhinav Boy Sanskrit Young; new; nove...
Abhinava Boy Sanskrit Young; new; nove...
Abhinavan Boy Sanskrit Young; new; nove...
Abhivadana Girl Sanskrit To greet
Abilana Girl Latin Filbert; hazelnut
Abilena Girl Latin Filbert or hazel...
Abiliana Girl Latin Skilled expert
Abina Both Hebrew Father
Abinadi Boy English N/A
Abinadom Boy English N/A
Abiona Girl African Born during a trip
Abrahana Girl Hebrew Father of a migh...
Abriana Girl American E... N/A
Abrianna Girl American E... "A" combined wit...
Acaryananda... Boy Sanskrit Son of the teacher
Acaryatanaya Boy Sanskrit Son of the teacher
Achyutanand Boy Sanskrit Imperishable joy...
Adalena Girl German Noble one
Adalina Girl Germanic Noble
Adamina Girl Hebrew Man; earth
Adamnan Boy Hebrew Man; earth
Adana Girl Hebrew Man; earth
Adanna Girl African Being the father...
Adeana Both Hebrew Slender