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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Chaanach Girl Hebrew Full of grace, m...
Chana Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Chanah Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Chanaky Boy Sanskrit Son of Canaka
Chanakya Boy Sanskrit Son of Canaka
Chanan Boy Hebrew Compassionate
Chanana Girl Hebrew Merciful; gracious
Chananel Boy Hebrew God is compassio...
Chanania Boy Hebrew Compassion of God
Chananiah Boy Hebrew Compassion of God
Chananya Boy Hebrew Compassion of God
Chananyahu Boy Hebrew Compassion of God
Chanarong Boy Thai Experienced warr...
Chandana Boy Sanskrit Sandalwood; soot...
Chandranath Boy Sanskrit King of the moon
Chanina Girl Hebrew Gracious
Channa Boy Sanskrit Renowned
Channah Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Channary Girl Cambodian Moon faced
Chaonaine Girl African It has seen me
Charbonnay Girl English Dark-haired
Chardonnay Girl French Variety of grape
Charlana Girl Germanic Free man
Charlena Girl German Free man
Charna Girl Yiddish Dark
Chashmona Girl Hebrew Princess
Chasina Girl Aramaic Powerful, strong...
Chazona Girl Hebrew A seer, a prophe...
Chenaniah Boy Hebrew Yahweh brings it...
Chermona Girl Hebrew Holy mountain