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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Athenais Girl Greek N/A
Atmananda Boy Sanskrit Rejoicing in the...
Atyaananda Boy Sanskrit Intense joy
Aubriana Girl English Elfin king
Audriana Girl Latin Audrey and anna ...
Audrianna Girl Latin Audrey and anna ...
Audrina Girl English Noble strength
Augustina Girl Latin Venerated
Augustyna Girl Latin Venerated
Aukanai'i Both Hawaiian Strong warrior
Avarna Both Sanskrit Colorless
Avarnaa Girl Sanskrit Colorless
Avellana Girl Latin Filbert or hazel...
Aviana Girl Latin N/A
Avina Boy Aramaic Father
Avinadav Boy Hebrew My father is a n...
Avinaim Boy Hebrew Father of delight
Avinasa Boy Sanskrit Indestructible
Avinash Boy Sanskrit Indestructible
Avinashi Boy Sanskrit Indestructible
Avinashini Girl Sanskrit Indestructible
Avinasi Boy Sanskrit Indestructible
Avinasini Girl Sanskrit Indestructible
Avinatan Boy Hebrew My father has gi...
Avna Girl Hebrew Stone
Awena Girl Welsh Muse
Ayana Girl African Beautiful blossom
Ayanna Girl African Beautiful blossom
Azucena Girl Arabic Lily
Badarayana Boy Sanskrit Belongs to the J...