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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Angelena Girl Greek Messenger
Angelina Girl Greek Messenger
Angusina Girl Gaelic One choice
Anina Girl Hebrew Grace; favor
Anjana Boy Sanskrit Collyrium; grey ...
Anna Both Hebrew Grace; favour
Anna Belinda Girl English Grace and Beauti...
Annabel Girl Latin Easy to love
Annabelinda Girl English Grace and Beauti...
Annabell Girl Latin Easy to love
Annabella Girl Latin Easy to love
Annabelle Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Annada Girl Sanskrit Bestows food
Annaeg Boy Hebrew Grace; favour
AnnaŽlle Girl Hebrew Grace of God
Annag Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Annakiya Girl African Sweet of face
Annaleese Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Annaliese Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Annalise Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Annallsa Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Annamae Girl English Anna + Mae
Annamarie Girl English Fuse of Anna and...
Annapati Boy Sanskrit King of food
Annapurna Girl Sanskrit Bestower of food...
Annar Boy Norse The second
Anona Girl English N/A
Antanas Boy Latin N/A
Antionah Boy English N/A
Antoliana Girl Latin N/A