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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Hermes Boy Greek Travel
Himeko Girl Japanese Princess child
Holmes Boy English Safe haven
Homer Boy Greek Pledge or hostage
Homero Boy Greek Pledge or hostage
Homeros Boy Greek A pledge; a host...
Hsiu Mei Girl Chinese Sophisticated ey...
Hymen Boy Hebrew Alive
Igme Boy Tagalog N/A
Imee Girl Germanic Entire battle
Imelda Girl Germanic Entire battle
Ingmer Boy Norse N/A
Irmengard Girl Germanic Whole enclosure
Irmenhild Girl Germanic Universal battle
Ismene Girl Greek Knowledgeable
Jaime Boy Hebrew Supplanter
Jaimee Girl Hebrew Supplanter
Jamea Both Hebrew Supplanter
Jameah Both Hebrew Supplanter
Jamecia Girl American E... Who resembles God?
Jamecka Girl N/A Bright
Jamee Boy Hebrew Supplanter
Jameeka Girl N/A Bright
Jameel Boy Arabic Handsome
Jameela Girl Arabic Handsome
Jameelah Girl Arabic Handsome
Jamel Boy Arabic Handsome
Jamela Girl Arabic Beautiful
Jamelia Girl Arabic Beautiful
Jamen Boy Hebrew Right hand