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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Eurynome Girl Greek Wide wandering
Fiammetta Girl Italian Flame
Filomena Girl Greek To love strength
Florimel Girl Latin Honey flower
Florimell Girl Latin Honey flower
Gamel Boy Danish Old
Gemelle Girl Latin Twin
Gemme Girl Latin Jewel
Gerome Boy Greek Sacred name
Goatsemodime Boy African God knows
Goitsemedime Girl African The Lord knows
Gomer Both Hebrew Complete, to end...
Gomes Boy Portuguese Man
Gomez Boy Portuguese Man
Graeme Boy English Abode
Guillaume Boy Germanic Will, desire and...
Gwalchmei Boy Welsh Hawk of battle
Haamed Boy Arabic One who offers a...
Haameda Girl Arabic One who praises ...
Hajime Boy Japanese Beginning
Hakumele Both Hawaiian To weave a song;...
Hameed Boy Arabic Praising, thankful
Hamel Boy Yiddish Water meadow
Hamelin Boy French Outlying farm
Hammett Boy Cornish Summer home; sum...
Harmeet Boy Punjabi Devoted one; bel...
Haumea Girl Hawaiian Red ruler; mothe...
Helmer Boy Germanic Famous protector
Hemendra Boy Sanskrit Golden lord
Hermelinda Girl Germanic Powerful with th...