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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Demetres Boy Greek Earth mother
Demetria Girl Greek Earth mother
Demetrio Boy Greek Earth mother
Demetrios Boy Greek Earth mother
Demetrius Boy Greek Earth mother; ba...
Demetrjusz Boy Greek Earth mother
Dharmendra Boy Sanskrit King of Dharma
Dharmesa Boy Sanskrit Lord of Dharma
Dharmesh Boy Sanskrit Lord of Dharma
Domeczek Boy Latin Lord
Domeczka Girl Latin Lord
Domek Boy Latin Lord
Domenica Girl Latin Lord
Domenico Boy Latin Lord
Domenkos Boy Latin Lord
Edelmera Girl Germanic Of noble race
Edme Boy English Prosperous prote...
Edmée Girl English Prosperous prote...
Ehizemen Girl African God's decision
Elemér Boy German Noble and famous
Elimelech Boy Hebrew My God is the King
Elmena Girl German Helmet of determ...
Elmer Boy Germanic Noble and famous
Emek Boy Hebrew Valley
Emel Girl Turkish Desire
Emelda Girl Spanish Entire battle
Emelia Girl Latin Rival; emulating
Emelie Girl Latin Rival; emulating
Emelina Girl German Uncertain, perha...
Emeline Girl German Uncertain, perha...