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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Théotime Boy Greek One who honors G...
Tome Boy Aramaic Twin
Tomeo Boy Aramaic Twin
Tomer Boy Hebrew Palm tree
Tsubame Girl Japanese Swallow
Tumelo Both African Faith, belief
Tzameret Girl Hebrew Tree top
Umeki Girl Japanese Plum tree
Umeko Girl Japanese Plum blossom child
Unmesa Boy Sanskrit Visible
Unmesh Boy Sanskrit Visible
Unmesha Boy Sanskrit Visible
Vyomesa Boy Sanskrit Lord of the heav...
Waseme Girl Swahili Let them talk
Williamette Girl Germanic Will, desire and...
Wilmer Boy English Will, desire + f...
Wilmetta Girl Germanic Will, desire + h...
Wilmette Girl Germanic Will, desire + h...
Ximena Girl Hebrew Listening
Yameena Girl Arabic Right, proper
Yamesa Boy Sanskrit Having Yama as k...
Yasmeen Girl Persian Jasmine
Yasmeena Girl Persian Jasmine
Yasmen Girl Persian Jasmine
Yerimen Both Mapudungun Agile
Yirmeya Boy Hebrew God will raise u...
Yirmeyahu Boy Hebrew God will raise u...
Zameer Boy Arabic Thought
Zameret Girl Hebrew Tree top
Zellmer Boy German Ruler of village