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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Philomena Girl Greek To love strength
Philomène Girl Greek To love strength
Philomenes Boy Greek To love strength
Philomenos Boy Greek Lover of strength
Philomenus Boy Greek To love strength
Philopoimen Boy Greek Lover of flocks
Plummer Boy English A plummer
Prometheus Boy Greek Forethought
Rameez Boy Arabic Learned; dignified
Rameses Boy Ancient Eg... Son of Ra
Ramesh Boy Sanskrit Lord of Lakshmi
Ramesha Boy Sanskrit The Lord of Rama
Rameshwar Boy Sanskrit Lord Rama
Remedios Girl Spanish That which cures
Romello Boy American E... N/A
Romeo Boy Italian Pilgrim to Rome
Romero Boy Italian Pilgrim to Rome
Romey Girl Latin Sea dew
Sakhmet Girl Ancient Eg... One who is power...
Salame Girl Hebrew Well-being; peace
Salme Girl Norse Maiden's hall
Salmei Girl Norse Maiden's hall
Salome Girl Hebrew Peace
Salomea Girl Hebrew Peace
Salomée Girl Hebrew Peace
Salomeya Girl Lithuanian Powerful
Sameah Girl Arabic Elevated status;...
Samee Girl Arabic Elevated status;...
Sameea Girl Arabic Elevated status;...
Sameeha Girl Arabic Generous, tolerant