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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Mercer Boy French Vendor of sewing...
Mercia Girl English Border people
Mercutio Boy Latin Related to the g...
Mercy Girl English Compassion
Meredith Both Welsh Great lord
Meredithe Girl Welsh Great lord
Meredudd Boy Welsh Great lord
Merel Girl Latin Blackbird
Mererid Girl Greek Pearl
Merewald Girl English Merry ruler
Merfyn Boy Welsh Uncertain, possi...
Meriam Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Merideth Both Welsh Great lord
Meridian Both English Imaginary circle...
Meridith Girl Welsh Great lord
Meriel Girl Gaelic Bright as the sea
Merierid Girl Greek Pearl
Merill Both Gaelic Bright as the sea
Merilyn Girl Gaelic Bright as the sea
Merima Girl Hebrew Uplifted, exalted
Merion Boy Welsh From Merioneth
Merissa Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Merit Both Latin Worth
Meriwether Boy English One with a sunny...
Merl Girl English Contracted form ...
Merle Girl English Contracted form ...
Merlin Boy Welsh Sea fort
Merlino Boy Welsh Sea fort
Merlyn Both Welsh Sea fort
Merrell Boy Gaelic Bright as the sea