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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Mélodie Girl Greek Melody
Melody Girl Greek Melody
Melrose Boy English Bare moor, barre...
Melton Boy English Town in the midd...
Melusina Girl French N/A
Mélusine Girl French N/A
Melville Boy French Bad town
Melvin Boy English Uncertain, possi...
Melvina Girl Gaelic Smooth brow
Melvyn Boy English Uncertain, possi...
Melyssa Girl Greek Honey-bee
Memphis Both Greek N/A
Mena Girl Sanskrit Knowledgeable
Menachem Boy Hebrew One who comforts
Menaka Girl Sanskrit Born of the mind
Menashe Boy Hebrew Forgetfulness; t...
Mendel Boy Hebrew One who comforts
Mendez Boy Spanish Cleverness
Menelaos Boy Greek N/A
Menelaus Boy Greek N/A
Menka Girl Sanskrit Born of the mind
Mensah Boy African Third-born son
Meonah Girl Hebrew Resting place, a...
Meorah Girl Hebrew Light
Merah Girl Hebrew Bitter
Meraud Girl Cornish N/A
Merav Girl Hebrew To rise, increase
Merce Girl Spanish Mercies
Mercede Girl Italian Reward
Mercedes Girl Spanish Mercies