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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Meirona Girl Aramaic Sheep
Meirwen Girl Welsh Blessed Mair
Meisha Girl Arabic Alive, She who l...
Mekhala Girl Sanskrit Belt
Mekhi Boy American E... N/A
Mel Both English Uncertain, possi...
Mela Girl Greek Black
Melaenis Girl Greek Black one
Melaina Girl Greek Black
Melaine Girl Greek Black
Melanchthon Boy Greek Black earth
Melaney Girl Greek Black
Melani Girl Greek Black
Melania Girl Greek Black
Melanie Girl Greek Black
Melantha Girl Greek Dark flower
Melanthe Girl Greek Dark flower
Melanthios Boy Greek Dark flower
Melanthius Boy Greek Dark flower
Melantho Girl Greek Dark flower
Melany Girl Greek Black
Melatie Girl Sanskrit Jasmine
Melba Girl English Short form of Me...
Melbah Girl English Short form of Me...
Melbourne Boy English Middle stream; m...
Melcher Boy Persian King city
Melchior Boy Persian King city
Melchiorre Boy Persian King city
Melchizedek Boy Hebrew My ruler is just...
Melcia Girl Greek Black