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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Mame Girl Greek Pearl
Mamello Boy African Patience
Manmeet Girl Indian N/A
Matsimela Boy African Roots
Maxime Boy Latin The greatest
Mayme Girl Greek Pearl
Meadow Girl English A meadow; a gras...
Meagan Girl Greek Pearl
Meaghan Girl Greek Pearl
Meagher Boy French Thin, slender
Mealea Girl Cambodian Flower garland
Meallán Boy Gaelic Pleasant
Mechi Boy American E... N/A
Mechola Girl Hebrew To dance
Meda Boy Sanskrit Fat; a mixed caste
Médard Boy Germanic Court of the str...
Medardus Boy Germanic Court of the str...
Medea Girl Greek Cunning; virile
Médée Girl Greek Cunning; virile
Medeia Girl Greek Cunning; virile
Medeni Girl Welsh Born in September
Médéric Boy Germanic Courageous ruler
Medhas Boy Sanskrit Sacrifice
Medhavini Girl Sanskrit Scholar
Medi Girl Welsh September
Medina Girl Arabic Prophet's city
Medini Girl Sanskrit Earth
Medora Girl English N/A
Medrawd Boy Welsh Own course; own ...
Medrod Boy Welsh Own course; own ...