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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Abdul Hameed Boy Arabic Servant of the C...
Abdul Mejid Boy Arabic Servant of the A...
Abimelech Boy Hebrew Father of the king
Achimelech Boy Hebrew My royal brother
Achmed Boy Arabic Worthy of praise...
Admeta Girl Greek Untamed
Admete Girl Greek Untamed
Agamemnon Boy Greek Very resolute
Ahmed Boy Arabic Worthy of praise
Ahmet Boy Arabic Worthy of praise
Aimé Boy French Loved
Aimée Girl French Loved
Aimery Boy German Bravery and powe...
Aimeus Boy Latin Loved
Alalcomeneus Boy Greek Guardian
Alameth Boy Hebrew Shrouded; hidden...
Alcmene Girl Greek N/A
Aleaume Boy Germanic Helmet
Alemeth Boy Hebrew Shrouded; hidden...
Alkmene Girl Greek N/A
Almedha Girl Welsh Shapely
Almeida Boy Portuguese Low hill; plateau
Ame Boy Latin Beloved
Amédée Girl Latin Love of God
Amedeo Boy Latin Love of God
Ameen Boy Arabic Truthful, trustw...
Ameena Girl African Peaceful, secure
Ameenah Girl African Peaceful, secure
Ameer Boy Arabic Prince, ruler; p...
Ameera Girl Hebrew Top of a tree