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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Jesusa Girl Hebrew God rescues
Jesy Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Jesyp Boy Hebrew He will enlarge
Jet Boy English Black gemstone
Jetal Boy American E... N/A
Jetasri Girl Sanskrit Goddess of gain
Jethra Girl Hebrew Pre-eminence
Jethro Boy Hebrew Pre-eminence
Jetmir Boy Albanian A good life
Jeton Boy Albanian Life
Jett Boy English Black gemstone
Jevan Boy American E... N/A
Jevaughn Girl American E... N/A
Jevetta Girl American E... N/A
Jevin Boy American E... N/A
Jevon Boy American E... N/A
Jevonne Girl American E... N/A
Jewel Girl English Precious stone
Jewell Girl English Precious stone
Jewels Girl Latin Down-bearded youth
Jezabel Girl Hebrew Chaste, unmarried
Jezajasz Boy Hebrew God is salvation
Jezebel Girl Hebrew Chaste, unmarried
Jezenya Girl Arabic Jasmine flower.
Jezreel Boy Hebrew God will seed
Joukje Girl Frisian Bow
Kaatje Girl Greek Pure
Kajetan Boy Latin From Gata
Keetje Girl Latin Horn; horned
Kjell Boy Norwegian Helmet; protection